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Well I got banned yet again on Tiktok. I had a video going viral, which this video got taken down and then restored because it said I didn’t violate any community guidelines. So none of it makes sense. Granted I do have a backup account, but any device I had logged into with my DHGATEFINDS8FIVE it will not let me log in or even make a new account with. This is what it says below.

BUT the strange thing is on my computer I can log into my backup account DHGATEFINDS855 and I can post from my computer. SO STRANGE. I have an old phone that I never even had Tiktok on and I went and made another account DHGATEFINDSEIGHT5. I did this because 1) I’m addicted to Tiktok and I need to be able to watch it lol. 2) If I can’t ever use Tiktok on my phone again I need another phone I can use. The old phone is just too crappy for my taste so if push comes to shove I will literally go buy a new damn phone just to access Tiktok.

I am going to fight this time and write all the appropriate emails and try and get back the account. It may work or it may not. Who really knows with Tiktok. I am also going to change my link. I’m going to have it go straight to my website that will take you to a link to my link page. Techniqually having a direct link to your link page is against Tiktoks community guidelines so I need to fix that.

Give me a couple days to figure this out. I have botox today and then hair appointment tomorrow so I wasn’t going to have much time anyway. I am still going to post here, instagram and my patreon account all my new stuff. But I might hold off on the new stuff on Tiktok for a bit.

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