Celine Phantom Bag

Celine Phantom Bag

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The Celine Phantom in medium. Real leather and a thick heavy bag. After doing the review I did notice this bag is not suppose to have the long strap. It is a detachable strap so that is good. Braid could be a little tighter. Full youtube review below. Direct Link HERE: Celine Phantom Bag

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  1. On his DHgate, there are 3 sizes, 20, 25, & 30cm. Which size is this one? I’m going to sound strange, but I don’t know much about designer bags. The most I’ve ever spent on a bag is $300. I ordered the 25cm a week ago, so I’m excited. Is the leather smooth or pebbled? Apparently, there are several versions and there’s a whole community on it. lol

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